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"Your Lab in your pocket"

Our bioinformatics team can assist you through the complex data analysis process and connect you back to your original research ideas with new scientific insights.

Taking advantage of available gene and protein information from scientific literature, Biological databases and other resources, Corealgo Systems aims to provide Computational & statistical analysis support of data generated from the day to day research and assist the researchers to crack their objectives.

Corealgo Systems offer following services:
Bioinformatics Online tool development
Sequence & Structure Analysis
Data Curation from Biological Databases
Customized Laboratory Information Management System(LIMS)
Bioinformatics Mobile Apps

Cloud Web Business Consulting

Outcome of our Cloud and web business consulting services will be in the form of reduction in IT infrastructure costs, increase in efficiency and employee mobility.

Why Corealgo?

With the help of simple and flexible technology products and solutions, we solve business problems very efficiently.

We are proud of our experienced development and design team for offering solutions in different technology.

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